The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

In just a few short minutes I'm finishing work for the day and I won't be coming back for a fortnight. One week of kicking back, relaxing and one week of heading to the sunny algarve for some hard core relaxation. Thats the theory at least, its also possible that I'll get off the plane and erupt into flames as soon as my skin makes contact with real sunlight as opposed to the anemic version we get here that nonetheless manages to make my skin prickle very uncomfortably. I am beginning to question the logic of choosing this destination since I will be
a) outside, in the sun, where the bears and wolves live.
b) surrounded by people I cannot communicate with.
c) away from my computer, DVDs, games, books and whatnot.

For an entire week.

So, off on holidays, if I'm not back in a fortnight avenge my death, which may involve some sort of sun blocking machine so you might want to do some sort of preparatory work before then.

Just fifteen minutes left now, fifteen minutes for someone to say something that'll annoy me...
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