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D&D&D (Dogs and D&D)

I think I might do some work on my D20 setting this weekend if the opportunity arises. The Ravenloft book looks like a good place to start on ideas for making the D20 rules fit the setting (or the other way around). I like the setting, it seems cool so there's no reason not to do it basically. Come monday, if I've so much as touched the thing I'll post it up here.

On a sadder note, I also have to call home to see how the dalmation, Prince, is doing. Last time I spoke to mum he wasn't well and his rear legs weren't working properly. He's not the sort of dog to manage with a disability unfortunately since he is (and I'm not trying to be cruel here) as dumb as a post - a wonderful, loyal, happy dog but ultimately as thick as a plank.
He's on antibiotics which seem to he helping according to my sister. In her words "they're making him dopey but no more than usual". Poor mutt, they reckon it could be his nerves and I can believe that since he's the only animal I've ever encountered who can cause himself a siezure through the nasty shock of hearing himself bark.

Picture the scene:
Prince sits in the yard, someone walks past, he stands up and barks loudly at them. He then looks around suddenly to see what made the noise and the falls into a dead faint.

The sad thing is, he's still brighter than some of the humans I've encountered over the years.

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