The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

That Dubsky Retard

So, the man painted a plane a few months back and was perfectly legally slapped down in the courts for what he did (the defence was a little shaky to be honest, raising awareness of the US's use of shannon could probably have been done another way, and it didn't really succeed as such).
That said, up until today I assumed he had more of a brain in his head than most "direct action" activists given that his crime was relatively minor, but then I read this pile of crap.

Apparantly "marching here and there" isn't enough, no, we all have to step up and get our civil disobedience on. Anything else is "activist pomp" which means you "don't even have the courage and discipline to do an autonomous action at Shannon".

And as for those of us who happen not to believe that disliking a law is grounds enough to break it (or indeed that disliking it makes breaking it okay), well, words presumably aren't enough.

Direct (violent) action is an exercise in futility, damaged planes are delayed by a whole day or so (certainly not enough to make the war unprofitable) and results in pointless court cases as the muppets involved try to convince an elderly conservative judge of their innocence. And how *dare* some little activist wannabe lecture even the most casually involved in the right way to objct.

The smacktard's email address is FYI.

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