The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The weekend:

I bought the new World of Darkness RPG and the Vampire: The Requiem supplement (the verdict so far is "pretty, better layout and presentation than previous editions and much more accessible).

Went to Swords with metalrabbit to buy a hutch that turned out not to be all that suitable for use in the house (wooden hutches, or more specifically wooden hutch floors stink something rotten in a short time) and got lost in the process, twice. I may be a terrible navigator but we'll never know because metalrabbit seems to occasionally get bored with following directions and makes the decision to try exactly the opposite. The COMPLETE AND UTTER lack of signposts for Swords (but plenty for Belfast) did nothing to help us out.

Did some more art for UW, all character archetype stuff again.

Discovered that rents in cork city are about half of what they are in dublin *anywhere*. This has slightly strengthened my resolve to leave a city where a group of thousands can subconsciously rig rent prices artificially high and keep them going on up.

Then I played Might and Magic 8 and went to bed.

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