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The mysterious meeting of strange mystery is coming up soon, though I think I know what its about, which sort of spoils it a bit.

The whole 3D modelling thing is going surprisingly well, I got the download version of Poser given to me on CD by a workmate this morning so I'll probably spend a while this evening tinkering with it and finally applying clothes to the poor nuddy models that are currently involved in a gunfight (only without the guns, clothes or cover normally involved). Looking around on the web though it is becoming more and more apparant to me that this whole sub area of 3D modelling is (as with any kind of advanced technology) being used mainly for porn. I can't say that I'm shocked exactly, when a program exists that allows you to take a basic female form and morph every single detail about it until you have what you want (before optionally applying fetish gear - $5 at, I shit you not)... well... some things are inevitable I suppose. That said, its a lot easier to create characters whose appearance can cause nightmares (or at least sexual hangups) than it is to produce a supermodel.

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