The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

That was the week that was

After a fairly sub-par week, the weekend was pretty cool

(by normal standards, not just "in comparison to") I replaced my stolen laptop on saturday after wandering into gutrok's store on friday without any of the basic things you need before going shopping (money, ID for credit, the usual). Needless to say I'm being a little more careful this time and trying to keep it with me until I can deface the hell out of it and make it as generally unique and non shiny and new as I can.
Then I went to Cork. metalrabbit picked me up in mallow and we had a nice drive through the countryside on the way to her place. Later that evening she took me out to dinner for my birthday in a place called Amicus where we had Cajun prawns and Antipasta for starters, madagascar steak and chicken stuffed with pistachios & raisins for a main course and I decided to top off the piggery with a dose of cheesecake for dessert. In my defence, I have just rediscovered the sense of taste I lost years ago when my sinuses packed up, so when even the brown bread was a taste explosion you can imagine how the rest of it went. We had a pint in the Franciscan Well pub, enjoyed the music and went to see the King Arthur flick after that, it wasn't bad, though it did rather feel like they just lifted the entire plot from a sequence in "The Two Towers" which I will not explain for fear of spoiling. It could have benefited from the absence of Ms Knightly though.
Sunday saw us slobbing around the place until I goaded her into action and we had a nice afternoon in town. I picked up the D20 Modern book "Dark Inheritance" just to have something to read on the train back up, replaced some of the stolen DVDs, bought season one of "Millennium" watched the first four episodes, pondered how the hell Akira Kurosawa movies could possibly cost 35 euro a go (if indeed they could be found at all) and went to bed.
Monday saw us having brunch (SO cosmopolitan) down in a cafe in the village before realising that stupid CIE had cancelled the 4pm train (the one everyone gets) and that we had to dash to mallow to catch the 3pm one there. Then we discovered that all the trains were delayed thanks to yet another cockup, hilarity ensued and I got home safe and sound.


Anyway, the moral of the story is, if your week has sucked beyond belief, metalrabbit can be relied upon to make it all okay again.

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