The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

All in all, the past few days are not going to go down in history as some of my favourites. It looks like we've discovered everything that was taken, I have a few suspicions about some other stuff but it seems far far more likely that they're things I tidied up and now cannot find rather than random shit that was nicked. For example I can't find the driver disks for my PC anywhere, on the one hand they may have been grabbed with the laptop if the thief was remotely tech savvy, on the other hand they might be under the bed where I shoved everything else.

In any case, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments. The main thing is that no one was hurt, it was only replacable stuff that was taken (granted I might not bother replacing a lot of it and strictly speaking it's rather tricky to "replace" save games from 'final fantasy X' and I was really enjoying 'eternal darkness') The rabbits were unhurt and unpaniced which is a mercy, a lot of those drugged up fuckbags would happily have injured them out of spite. I honestly think that if anything had of happened to them I would
1) be in a much much worse state about it all
2) probably be lurking in the bushes behind the flats waiting for the fuckers to make a return visit.

And yeah, of course I couldn't help myself and ended up telling the investigating garda "yeah, the rabbits saw everything but they're not talking"

Now of course we have a lengthy wait for the window to be replaced which is fairly fucking with our social and work schedules since one of us has to be in the place at all times. I had planned to go to Cork for my birthday this weekend and to spend it with metalrabbit but if the window isn't fixed tomorrow then the kibosh is well and truly put on that one.

Unfortunately of course the bulk of the Unholy Wars stuff wasn't backed up from the look of it, yet another glitch with my desktop machine means the USB ports aren't working properly so I wasn't able to properly check through the contents of my portable hard disk but I'd be surprised to find them there. In any case I've started again from scratch - I'll copy some of the old material as I need it but I've gone back to step one and I've got a new determination to finish it once and for all so I'll never have to watch weeks of work disappear in damaged hard disk or an accidentally formatted partition or indeed disappear along with the PC the thing was on. That's another of those things that's tricky to replace but if I'm going to shine up that silver lining, it's an opportunity of sorts.

So that's that. We're expecting a call from the gardai involved at some point in the next couple of days. We might be having a day in court if they catch the prick who did it and we might have to give a statement too. Loads of fun I'm sure you'll agree.

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