The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


poor computer, I knew you well.

Got me more problems with my computer, the graphics card is fixed now but the damned thing still won't boot up. It looks like I just had the pure bad luck to have the graphics card fall apart AND something more fundamental happen to the poor thing.
For whatever reason, when I switch it on, the fans and everything start to whirr. Some lights on the motherboard light up (the green and amber ones with occasional flicks from the red one) and everything seems to be in order, except that the hard disk doesn't seem to do anything and the monitor goes to standby mode. I tried swapping the graphics card and the monitor to no avail. I've not tried connecting it to a network to see if I can detect it there (I decided to watch Eight Legged Freaks instead) but since the thing doesn't even do the usual beep on startup I'm doubting that it's even a worthwhile check now.

I have a horrible feeling that it might be something really serious this time. So the point of this story is that I bought a computer from IT direct about seven months ago and by the time this is fixed (assuming I bring it back into them again) it will have been in for repair for a whole month of that time, and they're not exactly prompt when it comes to dealing with problems.

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