The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
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Hi All,
The national championships for Settlers of Catan will be held in The Dolmen Hotel Carlow on the 17th of July and you are all welcome to try and end up in the final pair who will get free B+B at the world championships in German city of Herne with free bus transfer to the gamesfair in Essen (venue for the event) on the 22-24 October 2004 .
The format in Carlow will be as follows:
The venue will open at 10.30 on the morning of Saturday 17th July and as each table of 4 fills we will start a Qualifier from that table with the winner entering a single elimination event starting at 3.30 that afternoon.If you lose on the first table you can re-enter to start on the next available table of 4.

The cost of entry will be 12 Euro with re-entry costing 1 Euro.You can play as many tables as time allows,the last game in these qualifier section will start at 2.30.
If you intend to come down Pre-register at my E-Mail address below and you will get a discount of 2 Euro on the entry fee on the day.
If you have any questions mail me at Jim Neary and Stewart Shinkins the finalist from last year will Qualify for the playoffs and need not arrive until 3.30.

Jim Brophy.

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