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A bit I forgot

The contents of the GM's handbook won't contain this but under the "Factions" section there will be a fairly wide range of different groups and organizations. Faction might not be an incredibly accurate word to use with these but it'll do for now. The list is probably incomplete, I think I've forgotten one or two but this is pretty much it:

Major factions - groups with a huge amount of influence
  • The Company - a syndicate of powerful individuals bent on controlling the global economy.
  • The New Crusade - a secret, church sponsored group out to put an end to the stranglehold of drugs and consumerism on society.
  • The Shadow Government - a whole illuminati, men in black, X files thing.

    Intermediate factions
  • The Establishment - dedicated to protecting the british monarchy and to a lesser extent monarchies around the world associated with the British royal family.
  • The Shop - white hat mercenaries.
  • Black Book - black har mercenaries.

    Criminal Syndicates
  • Mafia
  • Triads
  • Yakuza

    Agencies and government forces
  • CIA
  • FBI
  • NSA
  • CDC
  • Interpol
  • M15
  • M16
  • DEA
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement

    Minor factions
  • Murder Inc - known for doing a lot of mafia work.
  • Gun runners
  • Drug Barons

  • Bounty Hunters - semi legal law enforcement groups.
  • Street Gangs

    Creating your own faction
  • Faction resources and responsibilities.
  • Faction advantages and disadvantages.
  • Inserting your faction into the game - guidelines for adding your faction in a realistic manner and determining their relationship with others.

    Each one will contain information on: their goals, their methods of hiring and operating, their history and notable individuals within the faction/group.

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