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Stuff from the various books, mostly contents. Feel free to criticise, point out flaws and omissions and whatnot.

Unholy Wars
Games Master’s Handbook


Chapter 1: The story so far...
Chapter 2: State of affairs
Balance of power
Around the world
Chapter 3: Mind over matter
Wild talents
NPC Psychics
Chapter 4: It's a kind of magic
The dangers of Magic
Making it work
NPC magi
Chapter 5: Relics and artefacts
How they happen
Constructing your own
PCs making relics
Sample relics
Chapter 6: GM aids
Skills as plot hooks
Advantages as plot hooks
Disadvantages as plot hooks
Other plot hooks

Appendix I: GM guides

Appendix II: The shape of things to come

But first:
By now you should probably have read the Player's Handbook and have at least a passing familiarity with the generic terms used in most role-playing games. But for those of you who will insist on diving in at the deep end, here is an explanation of the commonly used terms and abbreviations used in this book.
RPG: (Role-Playing Game) A game in which several players take on the personas of people within the game world determined by the Games Master.
GM:(Games Master) The person responsible for telling the story the Player Characters are caught up in. Also the person responsible for keeping track of the actions of the Non Player Characters.
NPC: (Non Player Character) A character in the game whose actions and personality are determined by the Games Master.
PC: (Player character) A character in the game whose actions and personality are determined by the player.

About Unholy Wars
Unholy Wars is an RPG that is freely available on the web. You can purchase it if you wish, in fact if you like what you see here, we heartily recommend that you throw a few dollars worth of the currency of your choice our way. All proceeds go to charity. See the web site for more details on where and how you can purchase print or PDF versions of the games as well. While you're there you can find out about any upcoming releases from us.
There are three core books. The first is the Player’s Handbook. This contains all the rules necessary to create characters and have them interact with the game world. The second book is this one, the Games Master’s handbook which contains the background of the game world as well as information about how to run a

Unfortunately we live in a world where it has become necessary to put warnings on microwaves alerting the users that they should not use the microwave to dry their pets. It is a world where chainsaws come with a warning that the user should not try to stop moving blades with their hands. As such, pretty much every role-playing game needs to come with the following warning:
"Unholy Wars is just a game, nothing in it is intended to be taken seriously in any way. Nothing presented here is real, this is not a manual for arcane discovery or a treatise on global conspiracy. Seriously, if you start believing any of the stuff in here, consult a doctor."

Player Beware!
This is not a book for you. This book is intended for the eyes of the GM only, if you intend to GM then by all means read on but otherwise you might want to steer clear. This book contains many of the secrets about the background to Unholy Wars and reading through it could seriously spoil the fun for yourself and the other players. After all, half the fun of any game is trying to work out what the other side is up to.

The Unholy Wars Games Master’s handbook is intended as a companion book for the Player's handbook. It will provide you, the Games Master (GM for short) with the background information we did not want to include in the Player's handbook for fear of spoiling the surprises for the players. This means that you can let the players read through the Player's handbook without any fear of spoiling any of the stories your players may encounter.
This book contains everything you need to know about the history of the Unholy War and the various factions involved - however peripherally they may be. This will allow you to introduce the major players in the conflict into the player characters' lives as allies, sponsors, mysterious benefactors or antagonists. It also contains rules for creating and using non-player characters with special, esoteric abilities. As with anything else presented in any of the Unholy Wars books, if you do not like what you see then feel free to change it or leave it out entirely. Some things are easier to drop than others, for example, dropping one of the major factions from the game is going to leave a major power vacuum that will need to be filled. That said, don't let that stop you if you really do not like it. This book does not however contain any statistics for any of the personalities outlined here. All the information you need for sample antagonists are contained in the "Human Resources" book.

What's in this book
This book is divided into six chapters, two appendices and an introduction. Each chapter is designed to cover a different major area of the game background. Nothing in these chapters is written in stone and many areas are left open to interpretation and you can alter the background as you see fit, especially if something presented here would hinder a cool idea you have for a campaign.
You're reading the Introduction right now, it is a description of what the book is about.
Chapter One: The story so far... describes the history of the Unholy War to date. It covers the origins of most of the factions and how they became involved in the struggle.
Chapter Two: State of affairs contains information about the factions involved in the Unholy War. It describes their areas of influence, their methods of recruitment, their goals, how they work to achieve their goals and their relationships with other factions. Each section contains ideas and tips about how to involve the PCs with one or more of these factions.
Chapter Three: Mind over matter presents information for the GM to use should they wish to include allies or antagonists with special powers like telepathy or telekinesis. It also includes basic rules that will allow the GM to use these powers in the game quickly and easily.
Chapter Four: It's a kind of magic includes the rules the GM will need should they decide to include friends and enemies who have studied the ancient arcane arts and are capable of using the dark arts or are at least capable of faking it convincingly.
Chapter Five: Relics and artefacts details some of the more unusual items that are found in the world of Unholy Wars from traditionally Christian items to items from modern folklore and urban myth.
Chapter Six: GM aids is a number of ideas and plot hooks for the GM to use in their adventures and campaigns. It covers general themes as well as hooks that can be specifically used with a Player Characters advantages or disadvantages.
Appendix I: GM guides contains several articles and guides for the GM to consider when either coming up with a campaign or during the campaign itself.
Appendix II: The shape of things to come gives an outline of how the Unholy War is going to develop in the next few months of game time.

Enemies and Antagonists

Chapter 1: What fools these mortals be.
Chapter 2: More than human.
Chapter 3: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Chapter 1: What fools these mortals be.
Police Officer
Plain clothes Officer
FBI agent
Bounty Hunter
Joe Average
Swiss guardsman
Chapter 2: More than human.
Occult Dabbler
Chapter 3: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
Domestic dog
Guard dog
Pack rules & tactics.
Domestic cat
Big cat
Constriction & poison
Poison rules revisited
Bird of prey

Provisonal title, just something I'm keeping notes on in case I bother with it later.

The book of places to throw down.

1: Introduction
2: May invalidate your warranty
On top of trucks and trains
Car chase
Motorcycle chase
3: The urban jungle
Office Building
The Bank
Suburban home
Burning building
Abandoned building
4: The great outdoors
Swimming in a lake
5: No fear – Stunts
Rappelling down a building
Stunt driving

EDITED - changed the icon, it turns out the one I originally put here was giving me motion sickness - which is odd.

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