The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Religeon Suxxors

Nice and mature.

So, all you religeous types (of which I know there are several of you who read this), do you suit your religeon, or does your religeon suit you? Most of you who I know are reading this are good people regardless (or perhaps in spite) of your beliefs. For example Gothwalk, Inannajones, Natural20, Microgirl, Olethros and Iresprite (to take a crossection) are all good people, no doubt about it. I may disagree with you all on many issues (usually vocally and with more swearing than a drunken sailor in a brothel) but it doesn't change the fact that you are all good human beings.

Some of you are pagan, some are christian, but all of you are decent folk, so why the need for religeon at all? Now FYI I'm basically without what could be called even an informal religeon (essentially I believe that humanity is little more than the larval form of a being which will, upon death, emerge to move on to the next glorious stage of its existence, free of morality and opression and the need to be ruled - anarchist spirits if you will, and since truth is ultimately subjective, there is no such thing as true good and evil). So why the need to put a name on the reason for being basically good? Personally I just do what I think is right for myself and those close to me and to hell with the consequences.

Why get upset if someone applies their natural right to think your belief system is a crock? Why will some of you get pissed if I say that the restrictive nature of catholicism is a crippling burden on the minds and souls of so many people it's terrifying. That the idea of an all knowing God is watching you and knowing all your darkest secrets horrifys me? That paganism, such a personal religeon has become like anarchy - much claimed but little understood and barely seems to understand itself. That people who think that humans are ghost bugs are batshit crazy?

So, I ask again, did you find your religon or did your religeon find you? why?

I wonder.

Shit.... that was deep by my standards....

Boobies...Buses.. government, taxes.. bastards the lot of them...

BTW, I'm not a fan of catholocism but I really like christianity as an ideal, though I think religeons are pretty much, without exception, fundamentally flawed in some way or another.

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