The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Big Brother - fantasy edition

Name: Thugrud Kneecapper
Age: 140
Thugrud is a blacksmith from the northern mountains. His hobbies include killing goblins, antagonising elves and berzerker rages. His ambition is to die a glorious death in battle and have songs sung in his name for generations to come. If he wins, Thugrud plans to use the prize money to open his own ale hall with dice games and ladies of negotiable affection.

Name: Alveoli Etreinte D'arbre
Age: 908
Alveoli is an elf from the silvan forests. His hobbies include living forever and contemplating. He hopes that he will be able to use the money from winning Big Brother to finance long reaching plans involving manipulating mortals "for their own good".

Name: Zazzt D'burni.
Age 320
Zazzt is a dark Elf witch priestess from the deepest realms beneath the land. Her hobbies include eviscerating captive slaves to sate her Goddess' eternal thirst for blood and waging an eternal war against her hated enemies - the elves on the surface. Will she get on with Alveoli or will there be trouble? One thing is for sure, the sparks are sure to fly! If she wins, she hopes to use the prize money to raise a temple to honour her goddess and to purchase a thousand slaves for sacrifice, thus elevating her family above all others in the eyes of her Goddess. If there is anything left over she says she would get a makeover.

Name: Jacob Risingstar
Age: 40
Jacob is a human priest of Pelor and sworn enemy of "the undead and all dark things that crawl in the shadows and prey on man". His hobbies include killing the undead, maiming the undead, foiling the plans of undead villains and also crochet. He says that if he wins he will use the money for a holiday "somewhere sunny".

Name: Baron Jarl Von Leopold
Age: 236
Jarl is a wealthy Baron who oversees a small village high in the mountains which are forever shrouded in a veil of mist. Jarl has a secret that the other housemates know nothing about, you see Jarl is in fact a Vampire! He lists his hobbies as draining the lifeblood from virgins, plotting and is a huge fan of moulded plastic furniture and fittings. If he wins he says he would use the money to refurbish the dungeons under his castle which were badly damaged during a pitched battle between himself and the forces of good.

Name: Linda Swiftblade.
Age: 459
Linda is another housemate with a secret. Unknown to the other housemates Linda used to be a man but an accident with a cursed belt changed all that! She lists her hobbies as nudity, mirrors, gymnastics and jumping up and down in place, mirrors and oil. If she wins she says she will spend the money on a tailored, all leather wardrobe.

As if I'll ever bother doing the other six...

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