The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

After getting home following the farce that was the meeting I stormed out of (and thus missed our department manager shafting us all by failing to mention that it was her fault that a major set of bugs were missed) I had myself some pasta that allegedly contained some sort of meat, a can of cola and half an hour of the simpsons.

I spent the next couple of hours crushing boxes, dumping out the last of the house moving detritus and doing elvis impressions to the rabbits. See, unlike my darling metalrabbit or my flatmate cartographer I am very very antisocial and while I'm fine with that and neither want nor need to get out and about more, sometimes certain avenues of entertainment close themselves to me - video games can occasionally irritate me and I've bought one new CD in the past three years and the boredom starts to bite.

Anyway, I sat down for a while, read a little and wrote about 1200 words before falling asleep.

I need a life. I might stop into Game this evening and see if there are any decent computer RPGs out at the moment.

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