The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Corrections from Ian in italics
Clarifications for my own benefit in bold

Size/Fitness with Strength derived from those.
Speed/CoOrdination with Dexterity derived from those.
Memory/Reasoning with Intelligence derived from those.
Presence/Cool with Charisma derived from those.

No two stat's in a grouping (e.g. size/fitness) can be more than 2 apart
without GM approval & a bloody good reason

As rare as it might be to have a strength six character, it is even rarer again to have one that is less than size four. Size three and below are pretty small and there's just not enough space there to have the sort of muscles required for that strength.

It never hurts to impede min/maxers anyway

Each stat goes from 1-7 with 4 being the average. Raising a stat costs 10 points (from the 100 you get) and lowering one gives you 5 points back. Stats are based on a bell curve, only one in several million people would have one at 7, never mind two or more.

They now cost 20 per point increase and give you 10 per point decrease.

The 10/5 thing is from a much older version of the rules and I never updated my notes when Ian explained that 10/5 meant you ended up with much too powerful characters.

Speed - A measure of the character's reflexes.
Coordination - The character's hand eye coordination.
Dexterity - Derived from speed and coordination. It indicates the character's general dexterity, typing speed would be a good example, if pretty inapplicable in an RPG. Most firearms skills are based on Dexterity.

Most firearms skills are based on coordination.
Speed + reasoning are used to determine initiative.
Melee skills are based on dex + strength.

Presence - how confident etc a character appears to be.
Cool - how confident etc a character actually is.
Charisma - how good a first impression the character makes.
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