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Yesterday was a bit of a yo yo kind of day in terms of how good or bad I felt but after the careful application of chemicals around my head I'm feeling better today than I have in a good while.

One of these days I must take a week off and just watch Buffy and Angel from end to end. That and Firefly, Babylon 5 seasons 4 and 5, Xena - warrior princess (fuck off) and that new Enterprise series, of course I think I'm pushing the limits of what can possibly be watched in a fortnight while still getting some sleep.

metalrabbit Is up for a couple of days and with my new, congestion free lease of life it is possible that I'll be able to enjoy her company properly this evening. I'm trying to make the best of it in light of the fact that
1) Work has decided that they might maybe.. I dunnow... change the weekend I was supposed to be working from this weekend to the following one.
2) And of course we had made plans around my working THIS weekend and me heading to Cork the following weekend, something that a swap would pretty much fuck up completly.
Not that I'm shocked or anything...

and cut it to a third of its original size. There are now twelve stats:
Size/Fitness with Strength derived from those.
Speed/CoOrdination with Dexterity derived from those.
Memory/Reasoning with Intelligence derived from those.
Presence/Cool with Charisma derived from those.

Each stat goes from 1-7 with 4 being the average. Raising a stat costs 10 points (from the 100 you get) and lowering one gives you 5 points back. Stats are based on a bell curve, only one in several million people would have one at 7, never mind two or more.
Size - the size of the character.
Fitness - how much of the character is muscle.
Strength - Derived from size and fitness. A character with a high size and fitness has much more muscle than someone with a small size and high fitness and therefore is stronger. "Hit points" are also determined here. I'll get back to those.

Speed - A measure of the character's reflexes.
Coordination - The character's hand eye co-ordination.
Dexterity - Derived from speed and coordination. It indicates the character's general dexterity, typing speed would be a good example, if pretty unapplicable in an RPG. Most firearms skills are based on Dexterity.

Memory - The character's ability to retain information.
Reasoning - The character's ability for lateral thinking or mental arithmetic for example.
Intelligence - Derived from memory and reasoning. A character with a high memory and reasoning will know a lot of stuff and will also be able to use that information (thanks to the high reasoning) very well. In contrast a low memory and high reasoning means that the character is smart but poorly educated. The other way around would mean that the character knows plenty but takes their time trying to work it all out and may need to use a pen and paper or diagrams as an aid.

Presence: A combination of looks and confidence in social situations.
Cool: How calm and collected the character is and how easily they get flustered or influenced and bullied. It is also used in combat, the cool stat determines how reluctant the character is to put their head above cover or whether they would rather huddle behind a wall wetting themself.
Charisma: A combination of Presence and Cool, it incicates just how confident the character is in general.

Each stat (except size) has a number of skills associated with it, between two and eight. Skills are normally used by rolling a number of dice equal to the character's rank in the skill and trying to get at least one to roll under the associated statistic. Modifiers are something I'll cover another time.

If you manage to hit someone with a weapon (using the skill as described above) then it's time to roll for damage. Each weapon has a damage type - Blade, Bullet, Bash or Blast. Blade covers all bladed weapons (surprisingly enough), Bullet is for most guns, Bash is for blunt damage and Blast is for shotguns and explosives. Blast is by far the nastiest table.
Once the hit is confirmed and a hit location determined, the damage is rolled up using
1D12 + the weapon's damage modifier + hit location modifier.
Then the shooter consults the appropriate damage chart. There are four columns on each chart, Damage - Death - Stun - Consciousness. Damage is the number determined before, the character consults the line on the chart for the damage number. The three numbers across from that are modifiers for the three different checks that follow.

First the victim must roll 1D12 (all this might change a bit) and attempt to get a result less than their fitness stat + the modifier in the death column of the chart. Failure means they drop to the ground and start bleeding one hit point per turn until stabilised. Success means they keep standing.

Next they do the same except the modifier is from the consciousness column. Success means that once again, they keep standing. Failure means they're knocked out.

Finally they use the stun column to determine whether or not they can act next turn or stand there being surprised.

All this means that
1) getting the drop on your enemy becomes very helpful.
2) being shot is no laughing matter, combat is nasty in this game
3) characters will have to learn the benefit of forward planning and use of cover.

Post combat resolution can be nasty too. Adrenaline allows people to keep going much longer than they have any right to and a character who was shot in the arm but kept fighting despite the pain may discover during the post combat resolution that actualy... surprise! that arm was broken, possibly due to injury or possibly due to their keeping fighting when it was just badly fractured.


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