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Tue, Jun. 1st, 2004, 12:29 pm
The musical stylings of....

Dear Trent Reznor,
Oh Trent Reznor, every time I listen to you your lyrics still shock me out of my buttoned down, 9-5 reverie. Your suggestions that God is a dirty dirty woman honestly make me question everything I have ever known and until I listend to you I would not have realised that society was a decaying, rotten dead thingy of doom.
Don't you go listening to those haterz who say that your lyrics are little better than the illiterate scrawlings of a thirteen year old goth, written as they are while the tears roll down his foundation encrusted cheeks - tears of inhuman agony, the likes of which no human has ever endured before or ever will again, the agony of a man, nay a poet! spurned by Stacy from class 3B.
Trent, you make me realise how special I am and how no one else knows how I feel, how deeply I feel the cuts from a thousand slings and arrows of the popular kids over in the development department, I have made a list of the ones I hope one day to kill.
Here is some of my poetry, I hope you like it:
Rolled up my soul,
Deep in my hole,
Crapped in a bowl,
Gave it to a mole.

Don't listen to those assholes who say you have the same lyrical depth of an Avril Lavigne song either.

Trent 4 evah!