The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


If shaking my booty in front of a mirror, just because I can, is wrong then I don't want to be right.

Still no word on the job front but that's okay, I can wait (but not MUCH longer, when we move premises things are going to get annoying). Tonight is crappy movie night anyway, so nothing can get me down. Last week's efforts "Wishcraft" and "They Crawl" were pretty cool, marred only by some small niggles.
In wishcraft, the lead role of "high school teenager" was given to a man who looked no younger than twenty five even if viewed under good lighting. The female lead managed to look older than her "actual" [1] 21 years too.
"They crawl" was actually a pretty solid detective creature feature which suffered from some bad pacing which basically meant that while the movie was basically good, the directors realised that the whole thing needed wrapping up in about fifteen minutes and to hell with the plot, continuity, common sense, suspension of disbelief, previously established characterisation or anything else. The ending essentially only makes sense if you've only watched chunks of the preceeding movie and you're only half paying attention to the ending itself.

In other news, Gothwalk, Inannajones - the rabbit is soundly and firmly addicted to planescape:torment. She's solving quest after quest in her own typically thorough manner without the aid of a single guide or more than one question directed at me (which I couldn't answer anyway)

*psst*... she might be hooked, I'll try her on Baldur's Gate 1 next...

[1] The age *she* gave, you can safely assume she was 25 too.

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