The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Hmm.. a second wind? Whatever the cause I'm feeling slightly less wracked with a type of middle-age crisis type of angst that I have no business shouldering at the tender age of 26 and 3/4.

I did some retail therapy last night and picked up the "Clerical Errors" expansion for munchkin, it's not as good as the main game or the first expansion, where previously the cards involved puns derived mostly from gaming jokes, this time the cards were.. well.. less funny and the puns had sod all to do with gaming by and large.
I also bought "Little Fears" and that made up for it. Apologies to jasonlblair but I spent several minutes wandering around town after reading the inside cover asking myself "where the *fuck* do I know that name from?"

Speaking of "fuck", I finished watching Urban Gothic last night and I have arrived at the conclusion that saying Fuck, Fucking, Cunt or any sentence that involves demanding sex, means that you are a terribly hip sophisticat (who is destined to die horribly before the end of the episode but that's hardly the point). Furthermore it seems that making a god damned bit of sense is largely optional
when writing an urban "horror" series. That said, there were some oddly inspired bits of characterisation but far more oddly odd moments of insanity. Family Guy seemed rather sane and easy to follow in comparison after that.

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