The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Another strangely relaxing weekend just happened to me. Friday night involved carting a load of stuff over to the new place followed by wine and trivial pursuit with cartographer, nonhae, and Paul. We discovered that the lines "Are you there God? It's me, Michael. I've lost my keys" is utterly hilarious but possibly only when drunk. That was closely followed by my falling asleep, utterly knackered.

Saturday was more packing followed by a train down to carlow to see metalrabbit and her family and her rocking new car that she took me for a spin in around the house. I have to admit to being slightly scared at the start but she was still a damned sight better than most of the licensed drivers I've gotten lifts with. I played a few games of frag with her dad and brother and lost them both. This does not give me a great track record with that game. Also, while in the city I picked up a new RPG that Gav reccomended to me, it's called Mechanical Dream, it's by steamworks and it is really fucking pretty. The background is hard to explain as it isn't typical fantasy at all, the description is here.

Sunday saw me still hanging around carlow, relaxing out in a gazebo drinking iced tea (it's the little pleasures in life, y'know?) and smoking cigarettes. I came back up to dublin and loaded the rabbits, cartographer's pc and some bags into a taxi and moved them all over to the new place. I think the rabbits were delighted to be out of the old place since
a) Earlier that evening a cat had sat outside the open door they were beside and stared at them causing some major rabbity annoyances.
b) They had to sit in a small carry case and put up with bad smells and noises for easily an hour.
c) As soon as we got to the new place we let them run around for an hour or so which they seemed to like.
nonhae and olethros came over, we played munchkin and I went to bed. Amazingly I got up and went to work on time for the first time in months. Good omens!
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