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Saturday was a work day, I finished it in a foul mood and as a result I didn't go to carlow as planned. It was probably for the best, I would have spent two hours in a bus, arrived, said hi and fell asleep in a bad bad mood. On sunday I got up at about 8am, got a train, met metalrabbit, relaxed and recuperated and generally had a great time in her company. Readers of her journal, or indeed anyone who has spoken to her since friday evening will know that "oh my god, oh my god she got a car a red car it's a 01 citroen with 30,000 miles on the clock and alloy wheels and it's cool and it rocks and she's gonna be all like ... vrooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! and she'll be able to drive to carlow any time she wants and she'll be able to meet me off the train in mallow instead of me going all the way into cork and it'll take half an hour off the trip and that'll be cool and it's a red car with alloy wheels and it's soooo coooool". She's pretty excited about it anyway, my complete ignorance about quite what the hell an alloy wheel involves leaves me less impressed but I'm well chuffed for her regardless.

My PC is now crashing more than ever so I am abandoning all attempts to fix it for the time being. I'm damned if I can figure out what's wrong with it, especially since I've restored it to the hardware configuration it was using when it worked fine (and for the love of GOD, if I ever mention tinkering with my PC again in front of anyone, stab me in the foot or something).

I saw an episode of Stephen King's "Kingdom hospital" last night. First off he's either ripping off "Garth Marenghi's Dark Places" or more likely "The Kingdom" - a swedish horror movie from a few years back. Either way it hardly warrants saying it is Stephen King's. More to the point, who the hell let that lazy fucking hack back in charge of a pen again?

Finally it's time for another vague (because the details are more boring than usual) installment of : There is a little job at work that I do. Unfortunately when I went to do it last week the bit of the program I needed to do it would not work. Development spent a week fixing it (though they had claimed it was "working" when they gave it to us a week and a bit ago) and then went ahead and did the little job I do.
They were shocked when I got annoyed that they had done this little job that MUST be done by QA otherwise it's considered never to have happened. I was equally shocked when they countered by saying that I was unreasonable for being annoyed as they had spent all week getting that bit of the program working. Seemingly the fact that it should have been working when we got it was not worth considering.

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