The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I just mailed Ian to see if I can tempt him into doing some work on the game instead of our more recent regime of watching bad TV until the late movie comes on. Back when we started doing this it was like a social event for us, a few packets of cigarettes, a couple of bottles of cola and a mountain of junk food would usually result in a huge amount of material. I think he has a bunch of revisions to the system he wants to do and it couldn't hurt to actually get them written down before we all move out.

Righto, three places to see tonight, all close to each other in the rathmines area (the town center, grove park and elm park) and tomorrow I have a place in donnybrook and possibly yet another in rathmines. Last night's place was... pleasantly large but unpleasantly furnished and pretty sodding dark and dingy. I guess that's only to be expected with a basement flat. Four or five hundred quid and a few hours work would make the place look really really nice but to be honest I wouldn't be bothered and it wouldn't make the place any less dark.

Ian will indeed be working on the game with me tonight. Groovy.

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