The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

I am bender, please insert girder

Wow... busy....

I have a cold, that sucks, I have loads of Futurama episodes on DVD which doesn't (Thanks metalrabbit). I have some rocking PC games to play at the moment (Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries, Haegemonia, Unreal Tournament 2003 - god... so pretty in the carnage) which also is a long distance from sucksville but regardless, the whole cold thing is rather depressing.

Christmas and new year was pretty cool, I spend christmas at home and new year's at my other home with the rabbit and a large bottle of cherry brandy, slowly discovering the point at which mixing it with coke makes it taste like cherry coke, then realising that was pointless and returning to a ratio wherby It tasted like coke flavoured brandy. Then we watched some movies.

I can't remember if "Resident Evil" was one of them, but that's a good movie except for one rather Harry Hausen (did I get that right?) esque creature.. and perhaps the zombie dogs (and I *know* I'm not spoiling anything by mentioning them) could have been a little more convincing but overall there was a lot of undead arse and a considerable quantity of it was kicked.

And now my short attention span kicks in and I decide to post the rest later...
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