The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


This weekend I am mostly:

Looking at places to rent and being bitchy and picky about them.

Getting in some groceries and getting bedding/food for the rabbits. I've been getting dirty looks from them all week because they have only sawdust and some scraps of straw to sleep on at the moment. They keep digging through the sawdust and exposing the bottom of the cage in an effort to communicate their message of "Look fucker, there's barely half an inch of sawdust between us and the floor and no matter where we dig we can't find the straw that is SUPPOSED to be in this cage".

Cleaning my room and hoovering up what will almost certainly turn out to be a massive amount of shed fur from behind the rabbit cage.

Venting stress through the medium of violent video games.

Morose and restless since I can't be in Cork and metalrabbit can't come to Dublin.

Seriously considering buying a house and renting most of it out to people on the basis that since renting is a mug's game, I might as well be the one benefitting from the mugs.

Filled with hate.

Overly dramatic.

Finish the character generation part of UW this weekend if it kills me. Chance would, as usual, be a fine thing.

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