The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Be vewwy vewwy quiet, we're hunting houses.

The sheer gall of some landlords is quickly becoming astonishing to me. Over the past two evenings, myself and cartographer have been looking for a new place to stay that's reasonably close to town. So far we've seen three places.

1) A place on Love Lane which was amazingly close to work for me but had an unfortunate problem in that neither of us could walk through the place without having to move sideways, everything was THAT narrow. Other black marks against it were that the "patio and garden area" was a tiny, filthy couple of tiles that once again could not be maneuvered around in any manner other than crablike. Also, the third bedroom (it's a three room place) was so tiny that only a person who owned nothing more than a duvet, a pair of socks, pants and a tee shirt could actually live there and keep their stuff.

2) Clonskeagh, on the main road right across from the mosque. Leaving aside the diabolical directions we were given the place wasn't actually too bad but the third room was once again minute and the place was right up on a busy, noisy road.

3) Clonskeagh again, in a housing estate. It was nice and well lit with a little conservatory around the back and a garden that seemed to be rabbit safe on first glance. The third room wasn't entirely tiny but pretty small. Unfortunately we had to conclude that this and the second place were shite on the basis of how long it took to get into town, never mind the long walk I'd have to get into work after arriving in town.

I've concluded that landlords, by and large are having a fucking laugh with this three bedroom thing. None of the places had a single room that was remotely big enough to let a person be comfortable in them but yet they feel that it justifies raising the price of the rent by 500 quid easily, despite the fact that no one could realistically expect someone to pay a third of the rent for such a tiny tiny room. I also remember a time when the distance from town and the complete lack of amenities would mean a lower rent - it's a fucking shame that landlords don't seem to recall this.

We also concluded that Clonskeagh could co fuck itself.
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