The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The true meaning of christmas


Myself and Metalrabbit tore into our respective gifts a day or two back, She got me the entire series 1 of Futurama on DVD and a really nice (respectable) sweater thingy. I got her the special extended edition Lord of the Rings DVD. That's a lot of entertainment right there.

This evening I plan on finishing the last of my christmas shopping on the way home from work (I just have a few nicknacks left to get at this stage) and then home to finish wrapping and packing for the trip home tomorrow afternoon (the usual two hour trip should be extended to an unhealthy four hours thanks to heavy traffic jams). Then it's back to dublin on boxing day because I have work the next day thanks to the wonder that is a stupid arbitrary deadline for the completion of the project.

I have 9.5 days of holidays to carry forward... largely because of cancellations on work's part... Still, the limit is normally 5 days so it's only fair that they let me carry more forward since it was work that cancelled my time off back in july....

I miss the He-Man movie at christmas...
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