The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Almost a review

Following yesterday's announcement that we would be spending an entire weekend fixing someone else's fuckups I was in a bit of a mood. I think I was being a bit more annoyed by it than the others but since I spent a lot of time last summer dancing a little jig to the tune of the development team (for no benefit like a few days holidays or a bit of cash) I'm less favourably disposed towards starting that again.

I decided that a bit of retail therapy was in order so I searched around for the collection of short stories called "Haunting the Dead". It's by White Wolf and has four short stories based in the game world of Orpheus. Normally a game novella is almost certainly going to be pure shite but I like Orpheus. As a game it's uniquely well suited to the purpose of having the players work their way through scary stories. I'm about sixty pages in and while the first two pages read like some pretty shitty fan fiction it's improving. I get the impression that it's meant for people who have never played the game before or have no idea about the rules as much as it is for the people who have. That said, I couldn't help but think that without my knowledge of the game I'd be sitting there being puzzled by some of the things that happen. In essence I think it tries to be accessible to everyone but fails due to some of the strangeness and unconventional subject matter.

I'd be interested to hear otherwise though since all of this is based on the first sixty pages.

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