The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
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I was reading through some of the Critical Miss archives yesterday during lunch while trying to demonstrate that I don't appreciate people calling me at lunchtime by answering all their questions with "lunchtime" or "configure the lunchtime differently". It struck me while I was reading the back issues that all the anecdotes and articles about things that have happened during the writers' games read like an incredibly geeky version of Dirty Sanchez. So yeah - Critical Miss, Dirty Sanchez for D&D players.

One of the unfortunate things about the house I'm living in these days is that Amanda has dire taste in television. Last night was no exception but there was one thing that gave me a laugh - Brat Camp. It seems that a bunch of shitty parents who should never have had children decided that the best way to deal with their maladjusted offspring was to pack them off to a camp in Utah for a few months. This served two purposes: first it gave the parents time to convince themselves that they were doing the right thing and secondly it would repair some of the damage done by the useless morons to their precious little burdens on society.

Mind you, some of the things these kids were guilty of were pretty henious - one of them was a goth. She was one of my favourites since her mother had put her in the camp but assured her that she would be pulled from the whole thing after a few weeks (it was to let the kid have some time to sort herself out I guess). 80 days later the mother hasn't done anything - way to build up some trust there!
My other favourite was fran, a kid with more snot in her than I would have dreamed possible who seemed to have nothing all that wrong with her outside of being a normal surly teenager (which is annoying sure, but hardly warrants months spent in the wilderness of utah backpacking through snow). During the final moments of her time with the camp (graduation) she had to run along a long road up to meet her parents (all the kids had to do this) before applying hugs and promises that things would change. As she ran I chanted "fall, fall, fall" at the TV and sure enough she didn't disappoint.

At the end of the show we got to catch up with the kids in the weeks after their return where in almost every case I learned that I could indeed blame the parents.

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