The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Time flew

That weekend went a little quickly for my liking, despite repeated transport annoyances. The traffic was hellish on friday evening which meant I didn't arrive in the station until half an hour before the train was due to leave and were this any other train than the one to cork it would have been okay but...
I managed to get a seat in the smoking carriage where I sat in comfort as I listened to the announcements that the there would be a slight delay and that they were sorry.
Shortly afterwards it was announced that the train would leave at 19:20 (instead of 19:00) and everyone at ianroad eireann was very sorry.
At 19:20 they announced that the train would leave at 19:40 and once again they were very sorry. At this stage a bunch of people who had been let off an overcrowded bus to cork got onto the train - seemingly they were given the choice of staying on the bus or getting a complementary trip on the (in theory) much faster train.
At 19:45 they announced that the train would be leaving at 19:00 hours (though everyone assumed that this was a mistake rather than some new policy that the train drivers had of hitting 88 Mph and going back in time) and by the way, in case anyone in the station thinks they missed the last train, you're in luck - it never left.
At 20:00 they were still sorry and the train would leave at 20:10.
At 20:20 the train left, they were sorry but to make up for the hour and 20 minutes delay there would be free tea and biscuits. Of course that made me feel much better about having to spend money on a fucking taxi (16 quid) instead of the bus (2.50 quid)

The clock moving forward an hour also caught me by surprise and meant I missed my bus on sunday and I had to get another taxi to catch my train back up and then this morning it seemed that our bus route was having a bit of a go slow day with only three busses between 8 and 9 in the morning - the first two being full to the gills by the time they got to my stop.

My excuses for not getting a car are becoming more and more feeble...

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