The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

This won't end well

So back in the budget in december/january the whole idea of decentralising the civil service crops up. The government decides that they want to move 10,000 civil servants out of Dublin city and around the country. Some dubious decisions were made regarding locations (the dept of fisheries is being moved well inland rather than to a major port town for example) but overall it sounds like a solid theory, the relocations are to be voluntary and people who don't want to move will be facilitated with a new job in a different department that isn't moving.

Granted they're talking about moving people to small towns that are far from equipped to deal with a sudden population increase of 500+ people, and hey! it's voluntary so people who have lived in dublin all their lives and have a history here don't have to worry.

At some point between then and the weekend, it seems to have ceased being voluntary from the look of it. I assume the 100,000 figure is a typo but I could be wrong.

"A €600m upgrade to the M50 which rings Dublin has been approved by the Government, Transport Minister Seamus Brennan told delegates." It has been remarked that for it to cost 600 million it would have to be built on the moon.

I'm not sure whether or not I like the recent trend in Fianna Fail of being unpleasant about Sinn Fein and accusing them of being murderers and akin to the Nazis in 1930s germany. On the one hand, I think they're a bunch of heinous fucking inbred shitsuckers responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents (never mind the ones that might have been innocent), on the other hand you expect more from your elected representatives (though fuck knows why, it's not like Fianna Fail have ever managed integrity before) and it's obviously just a blatant bit of shitslinging before the local elections. It probably doesn't hurt that these remarks are distracting attention from the gilmarten tribunal which seems to be implicating some major figures in a big way in the planning irregularities it's investigating. Apparantly the courts are considering having the lighting and air conditioning checked to make sure no flickering bulbs or strange fumes are causing the huge amounts of amnesia that are hindering the progress of the investigation.

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