The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Surprising myself

I had a fun time in Cork over the weekend, the train down wasn't exactly the wildest three hours I've ever spent but there have been worse (the one that springs to mind is the time we were heading to Warpcon and we spent the entire trip sitting between carriages with a hyperactive Matt farting for the duration). I got a taxi to Blarney and had a drink and a bite to eat after meeting metalrabbit and we got some sleep.

On saturday she very foolishly said "Well, I have to pop into the office for an hour, why don't you just go to the games store and I'll meet you there later, you could easily spend an hour in there?"
So, forty minutes later I was carting around
a hardback copy of SLA (which I did not know existed in hardback until then)
SLA Mort sourcebook
SLA Karma sourcebook
SLA Contract Directory
Shadowrun third edition
Orpheus Crusade of Ashes
Orpheus Shades of Grey
Orpheus Shadow Games
Orpheus The Orphan Grinders

Shortly afterwards I added the two Neverwinter Nights expansions to the my software collection, which seems short sighted since I can't get my computer to work right for more than a few minutes at a time and I can't find the serial number for the basic NwN game anywhere in the disaster area that is my room right now.`

None of that is the surprising bit, what stunned me was that when we went back into town on sunday to go to some of the shops that we couldn't get to on saturday and metalrabbit wanted to visit, I spent the entire time cheerful. We went through a-ware and a few other clothes shops, about five or so shoe shops and wandered the city with me carrying all the books around in a backpack and never once did I get annoyed with her spending half an hour randomly running around the shop selecting clothes here and there only to spend another twenty minutes in the changing room before deciding to buy none of it.

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