The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

The two sweetest words in the english language

"Pay Day"

I even managed to go down grafton street and not spend wads of cash, though there was a close moment in golden disks when I saw all the DVD boxed sets of Buffy, Angel and Star Trek but I resisted and remembered to shop around.
I'm getting the 7pm train to cork which means I have three hours of sitting around in which to amuse myself with "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" and possibly a little reading through the Unholy Wars stuff I have written so far. Ian seems intent on getting to work on it soon and I'm hoping that once I get an evening when we're not knackered from moving large boxes around the place we might actually get something done. I'm also considering a bit of a break from the internet while at home for a while - it's too much of a distraction and there are better things for me to be doing than reading the archives of online comics, plus I'm not sure how well I'll deal with moving from broadband to ISDN, I think I'm a bit used to the instant gratification of broadband.

Now to see if I can get through a weekend in cork city without losing the plot completly in gaming or DVD stores.
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