The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

on a brighter note

It's payday tomorrow, theres a tiny possibility it'll be a snow day and I'm going to cork to see metalrabbit and to spend some money. Of course, until then I have absolutely no money whatsoever thanks to a bank cockup but I refuse to let that get me down, I shall look upon the 45 minute walk home from work as a stroll on a beautifully crisp spring evening (as opposed to nearly a bloody hour trudging home in the freezing fucking cold).
It's game night again and there's murmers about us playing something different for a change, the D&D campaign is trudging along nicely but the plot I had worked out is proving a little slower than I had anticipated, like season one of any sci-fi or fantasy series it's building up a little and I'm sort of proud of it but ultimately it's a bit dull right now and I could stand something a bit faster in pace. A little pre-proofreading playtesting of UW might not be a bad idea, or Buffy, or Angel, or any one of the forty or fifty games I have gathering dust in boxes around the place.
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