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In the news today:
The Lindsay Tribuinal report was released yesterday detailing the actions that lead to the infection of over 260 people with HIV and/or hepatitis C between 1970 and 1990. 79 of those infected have since died. The report found that the Irish Blood Transfusion Board had not put profit ahead of safety.
Criticisms have been leveled against doctors and officials associated with the IBTB claiming that they were callous or blase about the infections and that no apology had been forthcoming from any quarters involved in causing the infections. The results of the report categoricaly stated that the infection of 260 and death of 79 was no one's fault.
The IBTB was quoted as saying "umm, sorry about dat one..."

In other news, the US and the UK decided to bomb the unholy shit out of another defeated pissant desert nation populated by people who havn't eaten in a week.
Sorry, quick correction there, BUSH and BLAIR decided to attack, not the nations involved. Blair has stated that the UK will pay the ultimate sacrifice to help the US.. sorry.. Bush.. attack a nation that has invited arms inspectors into all factorys for the last decade and not bothered anyone in twelve years other than when the civilians had the utter nerve to try to dodge incoming bombs dropped by US fighters out for a quick bombing raid.

On the upside, UTV Internet might be introducing a pseudo flat rate internet access (based on 30, 60 or 90 hours a month online)

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