The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

It's like I never went away

Literally, nothing seems to have happened while I was on holidays, the new build arrived this week only a month or so late and some moron ran some scripts against the database to undo some work I did before I left but otherwise nothing seems to have happened.
Which makes me feel slightly foolish for contemplating arranging an "accident" for myself so I could cry off work for another fortnight or so. Still, it's payday on friday and that always cures a lot of woes - moreso since I'm going to cork for the weekend and into the gaming store down there for an hour or so of perusing and decimation of their stock.

Iresprite's visit over the past fortnight was a blast, I had some slight problems with time at the start. His flight got in at 6AM so I decided to stay up until 5 and go to the airport rather than sleep because no force on earth can get me to move at 4 or 5 in the morning. I met him getting off his flight and after a half hour journey where he was entirely too jolly (not to mention his disgraceful behavior on the bus) I got a few hours sleep and spent the next three days unable to work out what day of the week it was. The next few days are a blur of pancakes, blueberries and whirlwind tours of Dublin and Carlow. We also killed somewhere in excess of 3000 zombies over the course of his holiday but we don't like to boast.

Anyway, I got myself moved, more or less, it might only be temporary and the entire moving experience has made me desire my own house and mortgage something terrible - of course that means sacrificing an awful lot of freedom (though the sheer amount of crap that I own doesn't help either) but it would also mean being finally able to live my dream of being the counterpart to the crazy cat lady in every neighbourhood - crazy rabbit man.

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