The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus


Public opinion seems to be on some kind of sine wave of annoyance. The government hacks spending in the health sector, education, roads, services and all the sort of shit they're supposed to spend our taxes on. Then they decide to buy a 40 million euro jet, then budget day hits and everyone's walking around saying "Hey, that wasn't too bad, we're not to badly off after all" and seem to instantly forget the aforementioned hack jobs that only serve to intensify the level to which the irish populace has been anally hog fucked over the last few months. Then the budget analysis comes out and they tell us that, well, actually it wasn't precisely as bad as we initially thought, it was much worse and despite no increase in income taxes, VAT has gone up and 1% is a lot more than you'd think.

So, I pick up the paper and read the summary of cuts and such in the run up to the budget and see that there are rat infested schools that won't be renovated any time soon (probably leaving that for the next government to deal with) the broken health spending promises and the delays and costs of the luas trams system and the disruption it's causing to the traffic and then I read this:

"Every euro saved is a euro available to spend on hospital patients, our children's education and our roads." - Charlie McCreevy."

And I realise that any aspirations I had towards being a political satirist are pointless since the discipline is officially dead when that pathetic moron can say that with a straight face.
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