The Bunny Bacchus (mr_wombat) wrote,
The Bunny Bacchus

Tomb Raiding (possible tiny spoilers within)

I'm not sure what drove me to rent Tomb Raider 2, probably the lack of anything decent in the store as usual. It's not bad, not good either, but not bad..


Major sense of deja vu here.

Anyway, it's probably not really worth bothering with except for two things, both near the end (hence the spoiler warning). The first is that the movie makers have evidently trawled the D&D Monster Manual because there are a half dozen grey renders in action near the end. The second is that the last ten minutes or so makes for a great example of how it would at least look (if not feel) to be in a plane with subjective gravity. As you can imagine for a game set around plundering lost tombs, it has some pretty funky looking sets, some of them are actually quite awesome but that's more of a testament to their long dead architects rather than the anyone involved with the movie. The plot is awful but the background to the plot is pretty good - that is to say the reason that all the crap in the movie occurs had potential. The fight scenes were nothing short of tedious compared to those in the first one.

*sigh* you go looking for an entertaining bit of simple violence and all you get is simple, at this rate I'll have to go back to thought provoking dramas and spend my time pissed off because I think the director is full of crap. At least with action or horror movies I don't spend my time yelling at the TV that the protagonist is a whiny, unrealistic little prick.
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