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The irish attitude towards protesting, an fictional example in brief.

Me: I have a perfectly legitimate grievance against something that you, the powers that be, have done regarding the data privacy act.
Average irish protestor : Yeah.. FUCK the state, FUCK YOU government. We're going to damage property and illegally occupy your offices you big brother motherfuckers! Ever heard of George Monwell? 1984?
Me: That's orwell you tit....
Minster in charge: Out, both of you. I will listen to neither of you you god damned hippies.

Me: Thanks a lot. Reasoned debate is something that happens to other people with you isn't it?
Average Irish Protestor: Fuck you you drone, you capitalist sheep, what do you know? Affirmative action is the only way forward, smash some windows!
Me: You realise that you're getting no more attention or consideration from the government than a sulking child gets from its parents thanks to your childish actions?
Average Irish Protestor: At least I'm *doing* something.
Me: Yes, destroying any credibility of any opposition to dodgy government actions.
Average Irish Protestor: Sheep!, consumer drone!
Me: Ever heard of tackling the problem at its roots? Perhaps dealing with the bill as it passes through government instead of advocating damage to the premises used to facilitate the administration involved?
Average Irish Protestor: At least I'm *doing* something!
Me: Oh, I'm going to do something alright....
Average Irish Protestor: A crowbar? Yeah man, lets wreck some car clamps! *crack* ah, jesus... my knees...
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